Kaomi Pint

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Can't get enough Kaomi? It's time for an upgrade. Get twice the handmade PB for just $2 extra. Save a trip. Save some cash. Save some for later.

Butter up! Get a taste of this nourishing, nutritious, and calorific peanut butter. This gorgeous handmade peanut butter is spoonable, creamy, spreadable, wholesome, and salty with a hint of sweet.

It can be enjoyed by spreading on crackers or bread, in oatmeal, smoothies or just spooned right out of your jar.

Made from home roasted peanuts, mixed by hand with coconut oil, raw honey, and a dash of sea salt. You will lick your lips over and over again when you get a taste of Kaomi peanut butter.

Four Ingredients: Organic peanuts, unrefined coconut oil, raw honey, sea salt

Size: 16 ounces (1 lb)